Sunday, March 19, 2017

Day 6 & 7 - The Red Sea and Gulf of Suez

Early starts of the mornings - active already at 6 am .
Morning walk on the upper deck followed by breakfast on the balcony.  Read / knitted during the mornings at the balcony and a little sunbath  in the afternoon. The evening was a 'welcome back' show

Sailed from the Red Sea into the narrow Suez bay. We were many ships bound for the Suez Canal.
Was invited to lunch with the officers in the main restaurant, along with other guests who sailed many times with Royal Caribbean. Delicious, delicious food and delicious cakes for dessert.

Unfortunately, the weather has changed when we entered the Gulf of Suez -  very windy and only  22 degrees C.  
Sailed through a 'sand storm' and the entire vessel was covered with a fine layer of brown sand. The crew subsequently flushed everything to get the sand off.

Day 7 at 11 pm we arrived at anchorage outside the Suez and waited for the convoy was assembled so that the passage of the Suez Canal could begin.

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