Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Day 10 - Walking in Athens

We had been told that there was a X80 express bus from the cruise terminal to Syntagma Square. Bought a X80 ticket in a kiosk at the terminal - € 4.50 for the whole day. Went to the bus stop - there were lots of buses, but no X80. Back to the ticket office to get to know that X80 were not running so early in the season, but we had to take a city bus to Piraeus Station and then the metro to Athens. Easy, we were told - except that most information was in Greek with Cyrillic letters !!! We took a city bus, got off at the fifth stop, walked to Piraeus Station and took the metro to Monastiraki right at the Avissinias Square and Plaka, in the center of Athens. In the train information thankfully is in English. Started the trip to go along the main shopping street of Ermou to Syntagma Square with Vouli building that houses the Greek parliament and the presidential residence. In front of the tomb of the unknown soldier stood two National Guards - Evzones - wary. Continue through the National Park to the ruins at Agora. We had a 'cappuccino break' from which we could see the Acropolis. Went through Plaka and some incredibly interesting old streets and houses. In Plaka we did stop at a local restaurant where we got musaka, before heading back to the metro to Piraeus. 
We only saw the Parthenon temple on the Acropolis and Agios Georgios chapel on Lycabettos mountain from the distance. 
We decided to walk the approximately 20 minutes from the station to the cruise terminal. Back on the ship, we enjoyed the afternoon sun on our balcony. 
At 6 pm we sailed from Piraeus with an incredibly beautiful sunset, see post below.
More information about Athens Sights

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