Saturday, March 25, 2017

Day 12 - Valletta, Malta

It is our first visit to Malta. The ship docked just below the town, situated on a mountain plateau 100 meters above sea level. There is an elevator / stairs from the port up to the town. The old town is about 600 m wide by 1000 m long and all the streets are perpendicular to each other. Impressive buildings that brought thoughts back to Crusader times. The city is surrounded by a wall built originally to protect against the Turks. The city was built by a very strict planning legislation: All houses should go right out to the sidewalk. The gardens were banned, only paved courtyards. Owners of corner houses were to decorate the corner, so there are many beautiful statues on the house corners. The Knights built many magnificent palaces. An interesting walk through the city, where we saw the many palaces and churches. The streets were steep and the pavements were with stairs. Enjoying the spring sun at a cafe with a cafe latte. Back on the ship we ate lunch on our balcony. 
A video from our day in valletta below

We sailed from Malta at 5 pm -  were invited to a 'Sail Away Party' on the aft deck for guests who have sailed many times with Royal Caribbean (video below)

More information about Valletta Sights

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